How to Create a Perfect Pitch.

How to Create a Perfect Pitch.
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Posted by on March 18, 2016

It takes just one-tenth of a second for us to judge someone and make a first impression. Not only are people quick to form first impressions, they are also fairly accurate.

Why making a good first impression matters.

  • Enhance others’ perception of you,
  • Project trustworthiness,
  • Inspire confidence in your abilities
  • Exude friendliness,
  • Approachability and likeability,
  • Open doors to opportunities

Networking events are ‘Pitching Playgrounds’.

Have fun and experiment with your pitch and most importantly of all keep reminding yourself that you have nothing to fear when presenting it to others….what is the worst that can happen?

  • They don’t give you a business card….
  • they start talking to someone else….
  • they smile and wave…

if that is the case they are probably not worth connecting with.

Ask for tips and insights from those that are great at the art of pitching!

Like you would if you were playing a sport or learning an instrument. Learn from those who are good.  Ask for advice on how they created, rehearsed and learnt a pitch that they are evidently confident and happy with. You would be surprised how willing people are to help share insights and tips on how they mastered the art of pitching effectively.


  • INTRO Your name or area of expertise (company / position)
  • WHAT you do – What problem do you solve or How you help!
  • WHY you do you what you do? – What gets you up in the morning? AIM FOR 3.
  • YOUR WOW ….. What makes you different / claim to fame?

Ok – so you have both ‘pitched’ and you are keen to continue a dialogue we recommend moving on to your 3 I’s.


  • Helpful INSIGHT – This could be about the pitch itself, ask for clarity on a point that is not 100% clear . Or it might be a recommendation of a book to read or someone they must contact in relation to their 3 W’s.
  • Shared INTEREST – What are you passionate about outside work? It has been proven that people like to work with people that they have something in common with…begin to explore what this interest could be to take you on to the next base!
  • INTERACT – exchange cards / connect on Linkedin. Never leave a ‘contact hanging’ and always be sure to follow up in a professional and personal manner.


MY EXAMPLE PITCH (I am still practising to make it perfect).

⁃ Hi my name is Austin, I am a trust architect and CEO of Travel Out There. MY INTRO

⁃ At Travel Out There, I orchestrate a global network of certified Event Architects, serving many leading brands, to tailor engaging and innovative Incentive Travel, Team Building and Training experiences. MY WHAT 

⁃We ignite team spirt, raise morale and develop a more connected culture for our clients. A happy, motivated and aligned work force is a productive one and our system directly connects you with our certified Local Event Architect.. MY WHY

⁃ Becoming a Travel Out There Event Architect is an exclusive privilege and a quality seal that assures you the highest caliber of service! We have a network of amazing Event Architects that cover most of Europe. MY WOW

⁃ I am also Riga United Football Club Founder, keen golfer and Managing Partner of the Riga Business Network. MY INTERESTS


Travel Out There can run training workshops that help improve your pitching skills and are the managing partner of the Largest Networking Event in Latvia the Riga 500.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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